Renee Dubeau




When the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… Isn’t. Bringing some light to the dark days of December.

The holiday table can be a place of joyful feasting with our loved ones. Or, it can be a painful reminder that there is an empty chair this year, where someone we miss desperately should be. It can be the place where someone gets drunk, makes and ass of themselves and starts drama that will last from Thanksgiving dinner until the midnight toast on New Year's Eve. If it's a dramatic display, we'll still be talking about it next Christmas...

Season of the Witch — Coming out of the Broom Closet.

I think it takes huge balls to be a grownup who still believes in magic. Just believing is a real accomplishment - it means you somehow kept your childlike wonder and didn't completely succumb to the harsh realities of the world. It means... Continue Reading →

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