Renee Dubeau is a passionate raconteur from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a lover of all creatures, a dreamer, rebel, and unapologetic supporter of underdogs everywhere. She is an avid reader, an outspoken feminist, and devoted mother of two little humans and a French Bulldog.

 Renee began blogging years ago to document all the crazy things that happened in her hometown in rural Michigan. As she has grown as a woman and a writer, her work has shifted from mostly humor to more serious spiritual and social issues.

 Renee’s insatiable fascination for the human condition keeps her inspired and searching for new ways to explain why we do what we do. In addition to writing, she enjoys yoga, dance, art of all kinds, gardening, cooking, and playing outside. Her favorite color is turquois and her favorite food is cheese. Every cheese.

 Renee’s main goal is to inspire people, and help them see their own perfection, worth and potential. She enjoys talking about all things taboo, challenging stigmas and defying social conventions.  Renee believes in love, magic, hippie dust, miracles and the immeasurable fortitude of the human spirit.

 You can connect with Renee on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and Elephant Journal where she is a Featured Author. She is always ready for a friendly debate, and welcomes your comments and questions.